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08 The Gift of Women in the Church | Four12 Conference 2023 in the Isle of Man

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A panel discussion focusing on the value and role of women in the church, and in particular what women can do (within the bounds of Scripture) to play their part in being ministers of the Gospel and building up the Body of Christ. God’s design is for men and women to work alongside each other as a team – fulfilling different roles, but each needing the other to reflect the nature and person of God more fully and accurately.

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About the Speakers:

Andrew Selley is the apostolic leader of Four12 and he ministers worldwide. He is also the lead elder of the multi-site Joshua Generation Church. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa, along with his wife, Emma, and their daughter, Enyah.

Andrew and Elizabeth East serve on the eldership team of Joshua Generation Church. They also work apostolically into the British Isles and Europe. They have been married since 1985 and have three grown children. Elizabeth is a qualified counsellor and leads Head Strong, a series that equips the saints in counselling and pastoral skills.

Melanie du Toit is a deaconess in Joshua Generation Church who was recognised as a prophetess in 2014 and works into Four12 partnering churches across the globe. She has a passion to use the gifts of the Spirit to train and encourage God’s people.

Nadene Badenhorst is a deaconess in Joshua Generation Church, South Africa. She is part of the Four12 admin team and also heads up Anchored, the church’s women’s ministry.


About Four12:

Four12 is a global partnership of churches longing to live out authentic New Testament Christianity and working together to Equip, Restore and Advance the church that Jesus Himself is building.


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