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24 Cool Gifts & Gadgets for Science Lovers!

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Gifts | 0 comments

Here’s my 2023 gift guide for science/physics gadgets and toys! There’s affiliate links to all the products featured in this video linked below or check out my new website for more:

Dancing FerroFluid:
Swinging Sticks Kinetic Art:
Bioluminescent Bio-Orb:
Levitating Light-Bulb:
Levitating Moon Lamp:
Levitating Plant Pot:
Tippe Top Spinner:
Musical Tesla Coil:
Musical Tesla Coil Accessory:
Plasma Globe:
Galton Board:
Low-Temp Stirling Engine:
Chain Wine Bottle Holder:
Balancing Bird:
Heng Balance Lamp:
“Anti-Gravity” Humidifier:
Drift Sandscape (Draw in Sand):
Moving Sand Art Display:
Frog Mirascope (Holographic):
“Perpetual Motion” Display:
Euler’s Disk:
Drinking Bird:
Hand Boiler:
Gyroscope (Premium):
Gyroscope (Cheaper):
Levitating Spinner (Magnetic Gyro):
MOVA Globes:

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