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Best Gifts for Travelers UNDER $50 (Amazon Travel Gear 2024)

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Gifts | 0 comments

Cool Travel Gear and Essentials you can get on Amazon for less than $50. In this video, Nik breaks down his absolute favorite travel products, accessories, and must-haves – just in time for 2024. **** Link to the whole collection:

After 6-months of full-time travel, we’ve picked up a lot of travel tips and hacks. One of them is that the travel gear you bring with you can dramatically improve your travel experience! Every item shown in this video has been tested and approved by us!

Thanks to @TrippedTravelGear /@timandfin for sponsoring this video!

Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission.


1️⃣ EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

2️⃣ TRIPPED Travel Gear Tech Bag and Electronics Organizer

3️⃣ Packable MicroFiber Towel

4️⃣ Compact Waterproof Dry Bag

5️⃣ Smartwool Merino Socks

6️⃣ Portable Travel Bottles / Gootubes

7️⃣ Compression Packing Cubes

8️⃣ Audible
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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 Cool Travel Gear and Essentials Under $50
0:42 EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter
1:31 Tech Bag and Electronics Organizer
3:11 Packable MicroFiber Towel
3:54 Packable Waterproof DryBag
4:54 Smartwool Merino Socks
5:52 Gootubes
6:43 Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack
7:54 2-Piece Compression Packing Cube Set
8:55 Audible Membership

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Thanks for watching! We’re Nik and Allie, a U.S. based couple with a love of travel and adventure who quit our jobs to take a 6-month sabbatical through Europe and Asia. We publish new videos every week. Keep coming back for more helpful travel tips and travel hacks and vlogs of our personal travels!

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