Father’s Day EDC Gift Ideas For 2021

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Father’s Day EDC Gift Ideas For 2021

With Father’s Day coming soon, a new knife is sure to make his day: https://kcoti.com/3fEgtYV

We’ve got EDC folders and multitools, plus some gadgets and grooming supplies. And who doesn’t want a giant barbeque knife?

Featured Knives:
0:00 Gift Ideas for Dads
0:17 Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer: https://kcoti.com/3p7pv3t
1:14 Buck 112 Ranger: https://kcoti.com/3wNZsBk
2:25 Real Steel Luna: https://kcoti.com/34DgPZa
3:46 Kershaw Leek: https://kcoti.com/3yQWfCJ
4:44 CJRB Feldspar: https://kcoti.com/3uCBrLV
6:17 Fox Suru: https://kcoti.com/3c7uKuW
7:27 Rike Tulay: https://kcoti.com/2R9EbCT
9:21 Leatherman Bond: https://kcoti.com/3fEcZFu
10:11 Leatherman Skeletool: https://kcoti.com/3fEAfn8
11:20 Olight Baton 3: https://kcoti.com/2RR7daQ
13:27 Smith & Wesson Vehicle Escape Tool: https://kcoti.com/3uEBNl0
14:19 Kent Brushes Folding Comb: https://kcoti.com/3p3XrhC
15:05 Dovo Straight Razors: https://kcoti.com/3fy90dH
15:46 Taylor of Old Bond Street Gift Set: https://kcoti.com/3c91iVh
16:31 Opinel N013 Giant Folding Knife: https://kcoti.com/3vDbgGn

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