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SEASON 4 | Empowering Women: Discovering Gifts and Leading in the Church With Fr. Chris Ryan

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Gifts | 0 comments

On this weeks episode of The Genius Podcast, host Karen Doyle is joined by Fr Chris Ryan from the Arete Center. Together, they explore the profound role of women in the Church, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and utilizing their unique gifts. They delve into the concept of leadership, its various forms, and how women can step into leadership positions that align with their talents and passions.

Fr Chris passionately shares insights about the hierarchy of holiness and how it shapes the way women’s leadership is valued in the Church. With compelling anecdotes and thoughtful reflections, he touches upon the healing power of redemptive suffering and the transformative impact it can have on one’s journey.

They also discuss how the Arete Center is creating opportunities for women to step into leadership roles and contribute to the Church’s mission in diverse ways. Learn practical steps for recognizing your gifts, seeking healing from past pain, and embracing the call to make a difference. Whether it’s through formal roles in the parish or impactful contributions in everyday life, this episode encourages women to shine brightly and share their gifts with the world.

If you’re seeking to uncover your gifts, embrace leadership, and contribute meaningfully, this episode and the Catholic Genius Project Masterclass offer valuable insights and guidance. Join Karen and Fr Chris in this inspiring conversation as they encourage women to step into their God-given potential and bring their unique light to the world.

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