TOP 10 Tech Gifts Under $99 (2021)

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TOP 10 Tech Gifts Under $99 (2021)

LG Gram
Fitbit Inspire 2 – $59 πŸ‘‰
Larq Bottle – $99 πŸ‘‰
Lutron Aurora – $39 πŸ‘‰
Bonus, if $200 is in your budget, buy a Hue color bulb starter kit
Lutron Caseta starter kit – $79 πŸ‘‰
Magsafe Car Charger from ESR – $39 πŸ‘‰

I love watching gift guides. Sometimes I buy the gift guide things for myself. As a tech reviewer, it is too easy to say buy the Pixel 6 Pro or Macbook Pro but those are hella expensive. So we’re putting a cap on these prices. Nothing over $100

Galaxy Buds+ – $99 πŸ‘‰
OR I actually made a whole video on the best earbuds under $100
Apple AirTag – $29 πŸ‘‰
OR Samsung SmartTag – $25 πŸ‘‰
4th Gen Amazon Echo πŸ‘‰
New Roku 4k – $29 πŸ‘‰
Switchbot Curtain Robot πŸ‘‰

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