Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa & the Google Assistant, White, 1-Pack

Wyze may be among the most inexpensive video camera companies on the market, however don’t let that make you believe they skimp on quality. With 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and remarkable infrared night vision, the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan had the exact same features we expect from wise security video cameras, for a fraction of rivals’ expenses.

Wyze Cam

Many start-ups state they’re “interfering with” an industry, however Wyze actually is. In this evaluation, we’re checking out the Wyze Cam, their initial camera, along with the Wyze Cam Pan, its sibling.

Wyze Camera Video Reviews

They state an image deserves a thousand words, so the number of words is a video worth? Well, whatever that number is, double it because we’ve made 2 videos of the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan, so you can see their day and night vision on your own.

Wyze Cam Video Review

The Wyze Cam has nearly all of the features we’ve pertained to anticipate from a smart security cam with 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and infrared night vision. Check it out!


Video source: Youtube and Security.org


Closeup of the Wyze Cam:

Wyze Cam

Let’s talk about what the electronic cameras had in common when we tested them out.

Indoor electronic cameras

We established both the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan in our house, specifically in our living room and kitchen to monitor both sides of our home. Sure, in the past we’ve used the Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Kit to make these babies weather-resistant, but this time we’re sticking to the fantastic inside your home.
Video quality: Both electronic cameras had that 1080p HD video that we’re trying to find, that made us feel at home even when we were just beginning at the Wyze app. While there’s no place like home, the video from the Wyze cameras was quite darn close.


When we wanted to zoom in on information while we were creeping from the Wyze app, we did so 8 times with both video cameras. This actually can be found in useful when we wished to see what our households were seeing on TELEVISION, especially when we found a relative continuing a program without us. Rats!

Two-way audio: When we wanted to call out this declared relative, we did so right through the Wyze app thanks to the cameras’ speakers and microphones. “You said you were going to await us to finish 30 Rock!” we shouted, triggering our member of the family to jump in her seat. You know what they state about karma.

Wyze Cam


When we wanted to laugh about this video of our relative jumping in her seat, we had the video instantly saved to cloud storage, where it remained for 14 days. Given that both cams also submitted the video footage to their micro-SD cards, we made sure to conserve these files on our computers so we could laugh at the video for years to come. We love that Wyze offered us local and cloud storage free of charge; with Ring’s cameras, there’s no regional storage and 60 days of cloud storage expenses a minimum of $3 a month or $30 a year. Not terrible prices, however you can’t beat complimentary.

From having Alexa reveal our living room livestream on our Echo Show to informing Google Assistant to reveal us our kitchen area on the Nest Hub Max, controlling our cameras didn’t need our hands, or even our Wyze app. Given that we also have the Wyze Sense security sensing units, we made sure that the sensing units were armed as quickly as the electronic cameras did, protecting our whole house with a click of a button.

Smart sound recognition

It’s a sad however real truth that 60 percent of deaths from house fires took place in homes without any smoke detector or houses where the smoke alarms weren’t working1. In our house, we in fact have old-fashioned smoke detector, meaning they’re not wi-fi-connected and local-only. So if a fire in some way starts when we’re not there, will we lose whatever? With the Wyze electronic cameras set up, that wasn’t the case. That’s since they could acknowledge the sound of our smoke alarms going off so we got informed through the Wyze app. We decided to check this out by lighting a candle light near our smoke alarm. Within a few seconds, the alarm beeped and so did our phones, making us confident that we ‘d know asap of a fire emergency situation.

Individual detection offered

If we bought a Cam Plus strategy, you’ll get individual detection; the expense is either $1.99 per video camera a month or $14.99. Plus, clips will go from 12 seconds long to nevertheless long the motion is. Find out more on our Wyze prices page.
Power: We plugged both of our Wyze video cameras into outlets. Now, this could’ve been an issue if you don’t have actually easily put outlets like us; if that’s the case, take a look at our list of the very best cordless cameras. Plug-in video cameras have the benefit of never running out of battery. Of course, they likewise turn off when the power goes out, however considering that New York City hasn’t had a blackout given that 20192 a little over a year ago, we’re not too worried.

Activity zones

Sure, we want to be able to see our living room and cooking area from literally anywhere with Internet gain access to, but there are specific locations of our house that we extremely do not want monitoring, like the powder room straight off the kitchen area. Thankfully, both Wyze video cameras let us develop what the business calls “motion zones”; we generally call them activity zones. In a nutshell, activity zones let us tell our video cameras what areas to focus on and what areas to overlook, namely the powder room. While we like to get up personal and close with our visitors, some things are best left in private.

Wyze App

Finally, we utilized our Wyze app with both video cameras to livestream footage, evaluation cloud storage, speak through two-way audio, and established wise platform integrations. It was cool to be able to do this all from one app, particularly when we were setting up IFTTT activates. Smart lights, satisfy our smart security cameras; we believe you guys will become the best of pals!

Wyze Cam


Although the Wyze Cam and the Wyze Cam Pan are twins, they’re more fraternal than similar. Here are the reasons why.


The Wyze Cam costs just $20, about a fifth of the price of similarly-featured electronic cameras like the Nest Cam Indoor. The Wyze Cam Pan adds another $10 to the cost, bringing it as much as $30, still less than a 3rd of the average indoor electronic camera.

Fields of view

Field of view implied how wide our cameras’ scopes were. While the Wyze Cam had a field of vision of 110 degrees, a bit narrow for our tastes, the Wyze Cam Pan added another 10 degrees at 120 total, which showed us the majority of the living room.

Infrared night vision

Sure, both video cameras have infrared night vision, indicating our night time video footage remained in black and white. Nevertheless, the nighttime footage from the Wyze Cam Pan was substantially clearer, as it has 6 infrared LED sensors as opposed to four like the Wyze Cam. If you wish to see better in infrared night vision, the Pan is for you.

Wyze Cam

Which One Should I Get?

Overall, we ‘d suggest getting the Wyze Cam Pan over the Wyze Cam. If you ‘d like to conserve even more money, the $20 Wyze Cam can do no wrong.

If neither camera appears right for you, check out our list of the year’s best security cams, all evaluated by yours truly.

In this evaluation, we’re checking out the Wyze Cam, their initial cam, along with the Wyze Cam Pan, its sibling. From having Alexa reveal our living space livestream on our Echo Show to telling Google Assistant to show us our kitchen area on the Nest Hub Max, controlling our electronic cameras didn’t require our hands, or even our Wyze app. Wyze App: Finally, we used our Wyze app with both cams to livestream video, evaluation cloud storage, speak through two-way audio, and set up clever platform combinations. The nighttime footage from the Wyze Cam Pan was substantially clearer, as it has six infrared LED sensing units as opposed to four like the Wyze Cam. In general, we ‘d advise getting the Wyze Cam Pan over the Wyze Cam.

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