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27 Gifts for Gun Lovers, Gun Guys & Gals. Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2024

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2024 Father’s Day Gifts for gun lovers. Great gifts for the gun loving Dad!

If you’re looking for the perfect present for someone who loves guns, then you’ve come to the right place! This Christmas gift guide (great for Father’s Day too!) has everything you need to find the perfect gift for your friends, family, or fellow gun enthusiasts! Let us help you find the perfect gift for the gun lover in your life!

Super quick video with tons of Christmas gift ideas for your gun loving family and friends!

I move fast through these to cover a lot without wasting your time. If you have questions or want more ideas (I have many more) please let me know in the comments!!

*Links to all items in the video:

Original Gun Oil: (Use Code SAVEWITHDAVE for 10% discount)
-Blue Training Gun:
-Real Avid Smart Bench Block:
-Howard Leight Electronic Hearing Protection:
-Menda Gun cleaning Solvent Dispenser:
-Real Avid Gun Multi-tool:
-A-Zoom Dummy rounds:
-Glowshot Targets:
-Streamlight Tactical flashlight:
-Nitecore Tactical flashlight:
-SOG Tactical Knife:
-Flip Side Wallet:
-Tactical Pen:
-Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Cartridge for Tactical Pen:
-Pocket Organizers: or
-Pepper spray:
-Tactical Pill holder:
-Gun cleaning supplies & Tools:
-Gun cleaning brushes:
-Real Avid Bore Boss Bore cleaner:
-Otis Ripcord Bore cleaner:
-Hoppes Boresnake Bore cleaner:
-Gun cleaning swabs:
-Otis Gun Pipe cleaners:
-Ammo Box:
-Paracord Type III:
-Gun cleaning Mat GLOCK:
-Gun cleaning Mat AR-15 Rifle:
-Gun cleaning Mat Options:
-Maxpedition Versipak Range Bag (in the video):
-Other Range Bags:

Time Codes:

0:00 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Introduction
0:36 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Original Gun Oil
0:53 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Real Avid Smart Bench Block
1:03 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection
1:12 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Menda Gun Solvent Pump dispenser
1:23 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Real Avid Gun multi-tool
1:33 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Dummy rounds/ Snap Caps
1:44 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Glow Shot Reactive Targets
2:00 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Tactical Flashlight Streamlight, Nitecore
2:20 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Flipside Hard-sided Wallet RFID Protected
2:38 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Tactical Pen
2:48 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridges for Tactical Pen
2:58 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Pocket Organizer for Large Tactical Pants pockets
3:08 Gifts for Gun Lovers: POM Pepper Spray
3:18 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Tactical Pill Container
3:29 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Gun cleaning Supplies & Tools
3:53 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Bore Cleaners Real Avid Bore Boss & Otis Ripcord
4:13 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Hoppes Boresnake
4:28 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Ammo Can
4:40 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Paracord
4:50 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Gun Cleaning Mat
5:02 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Range Bag
5:23 Gifts for Gun Lovers: Wrap up, no pun intended

Details on Gun gifts:

Original Gun Oil: High quality CLP (Cleaner Lubricant, Protectant) that is Polymer & Plastic Safe, Non-toxic, Non-Scented and Non-Staining making it very safe to use. It will not harm any gun materials.

Blue Training Gun: These plastic guns are exact replicas of your particular make & model. As such, they will fit your holster perfectly and make it easy to train your draw and gun handling techniques. There is no safer way to train indoors anywhere.

Real Avid Bench Block: This versatile tool will allow easy pin removal on handguns, bolt carrier groups, etc while protecting your guns and parts from damage. It also has a built in magnet to catch the pins and a 1911 barrel bushing wrench is molded into the bottom side.

Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection: Howard Leight makes affordable high quality ear protection. These are battery operated and are designed to improve your hearing through amplification, yet instantly muffle sudden loud noises like gunshots.

*Links in the description may be affiliate links. This channel will receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using these links. We greatly appreciate your support!

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