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Cool Tech You’ll Actually Want!

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Gifts | 0 comments

These are the holiday gifts and gadgets you’ll actually want this year!
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*Links preceded with “????” are affiliated and Snazzy Labs may earn a commission:*
???? Kwumsy K3 keyboard/display/dock –
???? RovyVon Aurora A8 flashlight –
???? Flipslide game –
???? ISDT 200X power station –
???? Questyle M15 DAC/amp –
???? 711L mini wrench w/ bit handle –
???? 711L mini wrench w/ Leatherman handle –
???? Moft MagSafe tripod stand –
Pinecil soldering iron (official site/price) –
???? Pinecil soldering iron (more $, but faster) –
Apple Time Capsule – look on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and more!
???? 2TB SSD for Time Capsule –
???? Dreamfarm Garject (Prime shipped) –
Dreamfarm Garject (direct, cheaper) –
???? WERA Kraftform Turbo screwdriver –
???? WERA Kraftform Turbo screwdriver (with bits) –
Nomad Slim 35W/65W GaN chargers –
Playdate game console –
???? Pokit Pro multimeter/oscilloscope/logger –
???? Pokit Meter (cheaper, but similar features) –
???? Unicorn Magnum 9″ pepper mill –
???? Unicorn Magnum 6″ pepper mill –
???? Unicorn Tablestick s/p mills –
???? KNIPEX Cobra XS pliers –

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It’s the holiday season yet again. All too many gift guides are filled to the brim with sponsored crap and/or product that everybody already knows about. In this video, we discuss nearly 20 products that are affordable, high quality, cool, and genuinely fun that you can ask Santa for (or get for others as Santa!). From portable game consoles, to DIY gear like soldering equipment and tools, to goofy accessories for your iPhone, Mac, and more, this video’s got it all for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and more!

0:00 Actually good gifts!
0:16 A keyboard, screen, laptop dock, and more!
1:41 A tiny but mighty multifunction flashlight!
2:42 Bop-It! Well, kinda…
3:15 Roborock Dyad Pro (sponsored)
4:26 Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (sponsored)
6:06 The best, most CHUNGUS USB charger
7:25 Insanely small HiFi DAC/amp
8:12 Itty bitty wrench-y
8:55 The only tolerable MagSafe accessory
9:33 The definitive starter soldering iron
10:48 The only useful $30 Apple product
12:19 The only Mrs. Snazzy approved gadget
13:13 The most over-engineered screwdriver ever
14:08 A GaN travel charger without compromise
14:45 I wish I didn’t LOVE this thing
16:53 A multimeter, oscilloscope, and logger—all-in-one!
19:30 Pliers for… ants?!
20:40 Buy all, some, or none of this—idc

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