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Gifts for Mountain Bikers – The Ultimate Guide for 2022!

by | Feb 24, 2024 | Gifts | 0 comments

Mountain bikers can be tough to buy gifts for, especially if you have no idea what they want. This gift guide will make it simple for you!
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Water Bottle Stocking Stuffer 0:55 — Full List

Multi Tools 1:32
$ (Great tool & safe for kids)
$$ 1:55 (Capable tool with tire repair)
$$$ 1:38 (Contains knife, great tool)

CO2 Cartridges 2:23 (jumbo sized 3 pack for big tires) (midsized 6 pack)

Bike Pumps 2:36 — Full List 3:06 (TINY! but went up in price. Still cool as a stocking stuffer)

Suspension Pump 3:35
$ — Analogue
$$ —My pump
$$$ — Premium

Helmets 4:11 — Youth Get a gift certificate for $125-$250 for an adult helmet, or $300-$400 for a “Full face” helmet that one would use at a downhill ski-resort style park. You can’t choose a helmet for an adult, they’re too picky.

Mac Ride Child Bike Seat 4:55
Hands down the best “ride along” mountain bike seat I’ve tested

Balance Bikes 5:34 —Full List

Bicycle Cleaning Kits 6:45 —Full List

Bicycle Tires 7:20 Get a gift certificate for at least $150 for tires
OR take LOTS of pictures of both front and rear tires, and walk into a bike shop. Tires are too easy to get wrong for me to just throw out recommendations.

Bike Stand 8:29 —This works for any bike, period
Note that mountain bikers don’t use kickstands, they’re too dangerous

GoPro Action Camera 9:01 —Newest and best for 2022 —Smaller and lighter “mini”

Chamois (“shammy”) 10:06 — This is the best I’ve ever tried, and on sale right now!

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