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The Best Gifts For Him! Gift Guide 2023

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Gifts | 0 comments

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Wonder Looper Sweatpants:
Homestead Brand:
Cigar Holder/Flask:
Himel Bros Apron:
Jim Green Poacher Accessories:
Knipex Mini Pliers:
Smiths Leather Balm:
Klein Tool Bag:
Dog Chore Coat:

– Patreon:
– Merch:

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BEST OF THE BEST (affiliate links):
– Beard care:
1. Work boots:
2. Sunglasses:
3. Casual boots:
4. Work jacket:
5. Flannel shirt:
6. Made in USA Tee Shirt:
7. Casual jacket:
8. Leather jacket:
9. Adventure Jacket:
10. Wool Socks:
11. Outdoor Hat:
12. Flashlight:
13. Hoodie:
14. Briefcase:
15. Leather Briefcase:
16. Duffle Bag:
17. EDC Pen:
18. Work shirt:
19. Wool vest:
20. Wool Coat:

0:00 Gift Guide 2023
0:57 Wonder Looper Sweatpants
2:13 Homestead Brand
3:31 Cigar Holder/Flask
5:25 Himel Bros Apron
7:57 Jim Green Poacher Accesories
9:31 Knipex Mini Pliers
10:48 Smiths Leather Balm
11:48 Klein Tool Bag
13:05 Dog Chore Coat
14:26 The Best Gift

Reviews of clothing, boots, and workwear for men, along with style advice and life philosophy. I’ve been working with my hands for my entire life as a mechanic, tow truck driver, and eventually a licensed electrician. Being a blue collar guy, I look for certain elements in a product: is it durable? Is it high-quality? Will it perform well over its service life? Whether boots, pants, jackets, or tools I believe it’s best to buy once and cry once by getting the best you can afford. With so many options these days, choosing the best product can become a difficult decision, but that’s where I come in. Helping you stay stylish, rugged, and handsome.
I don’t care where it’s made as long as it’s made well and allows you to own less and own better.

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